My Favorite CSS Framework – Skeleton

My humble opinion of the Skeleton CSS framework and why it is a good choice most of the time.

To IDE or not to IDE

I’ve been looking into investing into a Ruby On Rails IDE, despite the fact there are quite a few free ones out there (RadRails, Netbeans). Does anyone have experience with any good one, paid or…

The Jump-Off

So I’m thinking about starting a usergroup for Northwest Pennsylvania for Ruby on Rails. Am I nuts? Motivated? Both?

My Favorite Song Lyric

Just a little bit of encouragement for the day: “Nothing can hold you back when you’re not holding back anything.” Atreyu – “Honor”

Oh Testing, You So Crazy

So love it or hate it, testing your code is practically wrapped up nice and tight into Ruby on Rails. At first I was a little annoyed at this, being that most of my coding…

Ruby Ruby Ruby Ruby Soho

So I have begun to really dig into Ruby on Rails and finally giving it more of a go than I ever have before. It does make some things much easier to do by realizing…

A New Hope

child whit 3d glasses from Crestock Stock Photos So I have decided that I need to blog, period. I’ve always had a blog, probably for 10 years now. But I never use it, I’m going…

One uploader to rule them all

I came across an absolutely awesome image/text/code uploader called ZScreen today. It lets you share just about anything be it pictures, screenshots, files, etc. It also gives you the option of what service to upload…

The System Is Down